Using ONLY 2 Of The NEW BUFFED P2020 In Season 6 BOOSTED Apex Legends (Apex Legends)

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  1. My fav is the volt the recoil is easy to control and good clean base sight and very deadly in cqc and I prefer it to the r99 but the mag is a pain sometimes.

  2. G7 and spitfire are my favorite this season. I do flex with the p2020 w hams or I go meta with volt just to make sure those wining with volt know it’s the gun not them lol

  3. Fades a monster lol, put his chainz back on. He’s to OP for these kids! 😂🤣😂🤣

  4. That octane /w hemlok gets killed by a p2020 and then bloodhound giving respect to him by giViNg back hiS wEapOn is another level savage lol

  5. Mine has to be the havoc with them bring back the turbocharger attachment on it and the buff since I can control the recoil (BEAST MODE)

  6. Apex is a game I wish I would've gotten into it sooner.
    Ps: Don't judge a book by its cover

  7. My Season 6 gun has to be the Hemlock. I mean, this thing already does great, but it's been shredding mfs this szn

  8. As far as hammerpoint goes, mozambique is broke over the p2020, why would i rock a p2020 with or without hammerpoints, when the G7 hits for the same as the hammerpoints with or without a shield, and u can doubletap it.

  9. I feel like kobi loves the Senti now just becoz the green skin. Its just so visually appealing

  10. Sentinal. I used to hate it but I dont know what it is xD i love it now

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