Viss Krafty and Random Fan Survive Hacker! Apex Legends

Viss and Krafty play with a random fan and face a hacker and survive!

Kraftys Twitch:


  1. Viss you're clearly an inspiration for a lot of players ! love your reactions xD so epic DLADLADLADLADLADLAAAAAAA xDD

  2. Yo Viss can you maybe post a vid here and there with chat? Would be sick brother

  3. "nothing sexual" 😀 Not sure about America but in Britain, 'Bonk' is slang for sex. So that whole Bonktown section had me chuckling.

  4. Haha I remember watching this live. And we were losing it in chat when that guy tries to thirst you with a bique and gets wrecked lmao. Keep slayin em viss.

  5. got 3 hackers in a 3 games in a row once. It's most obvious at close range when your hp and armor just disappears in less than 2 seconds

  6. nah call them cheater they dont know anything about programing fucking bastards

  7. When I'm getting matched up with decent, experienced players they usually turn out to be salty FPS tryhards. Yesterday duo left me to bleed out with salty "bye dude" on voice chat for no reason, I had more frags than one of them at that point. Why I can't be matched up with duo like like Krafty and Viss? Skilled and humble who just play the game?

  8. 12:58 Bruh, that thermite throw was on point and I don't even know if you noticed. You landed it at just the right point to block the other team's movement and vision, giving you an advantage as you flanked right in the event something had gone wrong. Well done.

  9. These vids are perfect for catching up on the Vissaction between streams. Another awesome vid!

  10. Saw this live. I’m loving all of the YouTube content, brother!

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