Voice actor Trolls Apex Legends players as Mirage Part 3

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After an entire month, I’m back with another voice trolling video! Forgive the quality in audio and video at times, the moments I was capturing were fraught with technical issues due to OBS problems, and loss of footage. This video is the beginning of me making an effort to put more content out to this channel, not just Apex Mirage videos. I am…


  1. The only thing you may wanna improve is sounding nervous like mirage. But over this is so good 😂

  2. Imagine if when you pick mirage in apex, one of his lines should be "Download raid shadow legends"

  3. I don't know how to feel when my main in apex starts advertising Raid Shadow Legends

  4. voice is 99% mirage, could definitely cosplay and look like mirage, just misses a twin. pure talent. shook🔥

  5. “It’s not the one you’re thinking of”
    It was the one I was thinking of…

  6. what happened to razor he hasnt been in the discord or anything for a month now ;(

  7. “I, am a chair”
    guy walks past
    This is the best ambush voice line I have ever heard

  8. Well least of the real voice actor dies they don’t have to worry about finding a replacement they’ll just hire you. ☝🏼

  9. The only reason I wouldn’t believe you if I ran into you is because I’ve heard roger playing this game and he sounds IDENTICAL to mirage. Like they didn’t alter his voice or include any kind of effects at all.

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