We Got An INSANE Mirage As Our Teammate and WON! (Apex Legends Crossplay)

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  1. You know what annoys me.. with all streams.. they don’t know how to loot 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. Love the merch, been watching for a while. Still dont know why you call yourself a bot? Lol

  3. I was doing insanely good today in ranked too 1v3s all day

  4. Back into the algorithm we go. Like every comment you see except this one, please. Really, don’t like this one at all, just see the next one and like it, also the video, like that too

  5. Kobi ill sub and like every video if u play crypto in a video and thats it or trying to go pre this season

  6. Lmao this man literally walks into Caustic gas and then rages about it 😂😂how stupid can you be?

  7. Bro it’s not even fun watching you tubers play anymore. Like run ransoms and lets see you have the success. Then you’ll get the respect

  8. I saw you on my news/random article feed and decided to check you out and gotta say man this is quality content

  9. I fealt Kobis rage on that caustic bs. Like why tf he doin still doin dmg in lobby. Lost rp to many times to that sh*t

  10. Kobi is definitely one of my favorite GO-TO's for Apex content. He NEVER disappoints, thats forsure 😊😄😆

  11. Can't hit the gas now till it disappears… even if he is dead. I was watching you thinking… WHAT ARE YOU DOING WALKING TOWARDS IT? Sorry Kobs… love ya… but your mistake.

  12. Bro kobi just stop putting in the clickbait 2012 red arrows and the surprised face with ur mouth open and ur views will boom

  13. Been getting back into Apex heavy since the new season. Seems a lot of people are as well it’s good to see

  14. Hey man sorry your vids aren’t getting the most views nowadays I guess! U r easily the best apex player on youtube IMO and deserve wayyyy more views and subs than show up but your blow up will be that much sweeter when it happens!!

  15. i used to see your videos but you’re toxic sometimes for no reason 🤣 u finish me starting the match playing duo when i had no weapon to figh you and your teammate

  16. Hey kobs is it fine for me to colab to help boost my channel if you don’t want to its fine.

  17. what are ya doing?!?! the kobieathen just said he thinks hes OUT OF THE ALGORITHEM!!! like it up for the sadboi man! get him back in

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