What Happens If You Get 10 Stars in GTA 5? (Epic Cop Battle, Escape and Real Prison)

GTA 5 10 Star Wanted Level – Can Michael, Franklin and Trevor Escape?
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Epic Jumping Into Pool from…


  1. Michael's body and his car sustained more damage than all of the heavily armored cops and their tanks!!! That's GTA5 for you!!! 😂

  2. 2020 anyone? Also, how is dropping a cup of coffee worthy of being shot and chased by the police?

  3. still confused as to why the cops would try to shoot and kill michael for dropping a cup

  4. You really cant play for shit, you gonna hide already in the gun store when you have 4 stars and 2 comrades lol

  5. Wow câte frumusețea zunder ma acolo îmi ia plăcut Cum zici și mie cum poți ca să fac și eu 10 stele te rog te rog

  6. Everyone: Shooting

    Franklin: Haha middle finger go pewpew

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