What is AIM ASSIST IN PUBG MOBILE (How it works explained) Disable or Enable?

What is aim assist and how does aim assist will work? should you enable it or disable it
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find your perfect sensitivity by watching this video


My layout –

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  1. Could you do one that explains what graphics we should use? Cuz sometimes I may lag

  2. I think u need different sensitivity without aim assist .. thats wat they never told anyone.

  3. I can't find the prone button and crouch button and I see an extra vault button please explain a pubg lite player so don't know pubg settings

  4. Thanks now I know how it works 😂😂 whenever I use aim assist it always aim the wall when there’s someone behind the wall 😅👍thx btw

  5. Well in my case, I don't really see any aim assist advantage because when i aim even after enabling aim assist can't see any difference like how you showed in your clip

  6. its better when its gone even me idk what i choice i think its gone for big game like pubg its messy settings

  7. not good for close range .when 2 or more people rushing toward u .your aim will be confused .im death many time because of aim assist .i try to disable it after i know all player yoodo gank not use aim assist .early u will get bad aiming but after day by day training . you will get more better aiming

  8. I started playing pubg since season 13 started.. and I disabled aim assist and learn 4 finger claw immediately.. it's hard in the beginning but now I'm used to it. Still a noob tho. I'm thinking of using aim assist in the next season

  9. Hey zendex I copied ur sensitivity and ist so good I been if u don't use recoil u can use gyroscope nice sensitivity good work man

  10. Bro you should be the official tutorial for pubg mobile , you have the best content and presentation

  11. I play without aim assist because if a teammate of the enemy runs past the other enemy u were focused on, it tends to pull ur crosshair towards the enemy u weren't focusing on, causing you to miss every shot

  12. I think I enabled Miss Assist somehow… If you see how I shoot enemies… you will get it🤣

  13. Aim Assist is good for spotting snakes. When you see the firing mark on your map and shoot there randomly in a small zone in a direction it might kill/knock a snake.
    I disabled my aim assist because when I shoot an enemy it might target the other one. Its just my opinion.
    Overall, Aim Assist helps to improve gameplay alot❤❤

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