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This is an issue that is so close to my heart. As a high ping bastard i get a lot of flak when i whinge about desync, so i set out to not just describe but illustrate through the wonderful magic of video on the youtube the heart breaking issue of Desync 😛

I hope you guys get a bit of joy from this and modify your playstyle to suit the love.



  1. Ahoy guys the reason this vid took me so long was getting two devices recording at once and synced up I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time but had to get second iPad to do it. I was oranginaly going to do this last year using my desktop and the emulator client but you can’t use it on a mac so I shelved the whole project. Wacky jackys vid made me get off my butt and get it done. I wanted to expand on the stuff to do to help alleviate the issue as well. Just a heads up for those mentioning wjs great vid on the same subject

  2. This video is 1 year old already.. Just wondering if they already fixed this or not?

  3. Cod mobile has this problem now really bad with the last update. I couldn't figure out for a while why I was getting killed with only one or two hit markers. Really hurts your rank playing these games now.

  4. I’m anywhere from 28 ping to 38, I can tell a difference from when I was playing on data only..

  5. The game should select players with same ms when entering the lobby.
    Who agrees ?

  6. can ping desync problem make you see opponent (with high ping and far away from server) jumping through the wall and shooting you. i was playing in my server and the opponent was from other server and is in other country.

  7. This is why they REALLY need to do something about the matchmaking in NA! I will struggle to get a match in NA so i go to Europe server with a 188-200 ping and lose gunfights where on my screen I am winning.Tired of waiting 10+ minutes for a match

  8. Thanks for this! If you could Please use a server close to you and make a video while having lower ping like less than 80

  9. I stopped watching in the middle of the video played a solo game using your tips and tactics

  10. Bushka it is known that the country of Japan has the fastest internet in the world

  11. That's not the solution to this problem
    But there's nothing we can really do about that instead just taking the advantage of it

  12. So while I stationed in Japan I once asked if they had dsl enternet….the waiter laughed and asked if it was for my dinosaur lol WiFi is practically a human right over there. Funny story this 5G mobile enternet we in the States are so proud of…..they had that in 2011 or 2012, can't remember exact year but I remember NOTHING I owned would even connect to it. I was working with the D.O.D at the time so I was lucky enough to be able to afford the laptops/cellphones that could handle it. Last time I went back cell / laptop chargers were impossible to find. They use tables, night stands, bars and even riding the public bus charges your devices… On a scarier note this is also the country we have purchased kill bots from. Yes kill bots. We even bought a.i controlled perameter security turrets which I got to see first hand in action. Unfortunately that action consisted of blazing off 50+ rounds of 5.56 Everytime a dog or armidillo type thing came too close to the f.o.b which is of course about every 2 hours ALL GD NIGHT!!!! This went on for about a weak then the last we saw of it the c.o was duct taping c4 to it and cussing like a madman and ordering all of us to lie belly down facing AWAY from the machine….big boom. And everybody could finally sleep thru the night…. I kinda miss my c.o he use to make dick models out of c4 and tape them to any p.o.w's. he never put fuses in them of course but it's funny as hell to see an ISIS soldier with a foot long dick taped to the top of his head or dangling from beneath his jaw just waiting for it to go boom!(again they never had fuses so it was as lethal a Play-Doh, but the bad guy didn't know that) Lmao good times

  13. Just want to say thank you for taking your time to make this incredibly informative videos. Great job mate

  14. this is what i have been talking about always to my friends and they think ping doesn't matter

  15. I used to play with 200 ms, but recently got upgraded too 14ms. Def makes a difference

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