What REDDIT MEN Think Of Apex Legends FAN ART…

What REDDIT MEN Think of Apex Legends FAN ART…because I had no idea what to expect when clicking on the amazing pictures from two very talented users. Wattson and Wraith got some great artwork drawn of them and put on display for all to review / enjoy. Hopefully we’ll see Crypto some time soon too! I really enjoyed reading these out, and I need your feedback on this style of video. Apex Tales is getting more difficult to produce with my variable games, so always on the look out for new…


  1. Nice thumbnail Raggtagg , it would be a shame if someone

    *insert reddit men. Lmao.
    The video was dope. Subbed

  2. I can appreciate a sexy legend fan art but if its not meant to be I'm not gonna say it's sexy I'm gonna say they did really good
    edit:I'm not judging anyone

  3. I just came across your channel and damn, i'm on a watching spree, having a right laugh here :')

  4. Hey man. I don't mean any offense. But in America the observation of "thicc" is actually distinctly positive. Not negative. So the people saying "thicc" are commenting on how attractive she looks

  5. This is Reddit

    Everything is THICC

    Post a Toaster-Chan with legs

    Then It’s Reddit the teenage male virgin hive of scum and villainy who hate themselves more than anyone else can hate them

    Also Reddit is Reddit it will rate fricking like some famous wine taster tasting a bottle of 1382 latou se dou and will staple bread to trees like fine art

  6. Me thinks you saw what wasn't there which is why you ended the video so rushed. XD

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