What Trevor Did To Floyd and Debra in GTA 5? (Floyd's Apartment After Trevor's Rage)

GTA 5 What Happened To Floyd and Debra In This Mission?
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  1. this is fake.
    if you use the glitch where you punch a door, and switch to a different charecter, it isn’t there.

  2. This is why Trevor is my most hated GTA character. Yes. You kill and Rob random padestrians. But, that option is player determined. I would have killed Trevor in the end if the negative reprocess ions of the ending outweighed the positive actions. I guess in this world, nice guys truly finish last and dirtbags get everything. The same applies in God of War 3. Ok. Calm down. It is just a game.

  3. Disclaimer to those that dont know, this is fake. That is either a mod or just something the guy made using Native Trainer or Menuu. Its not actually in the game, you cant visit it

  4. i gone in there with mods there isnt a single body becuase he separetly installed another mod

  5. They should learn some manners especially Trevor is in the house

  6. wheres the blood that is supposed to be on trevors shirt?

  7. Very nice! But if Rockstar installed blood and their dead bodies in there, why aren't they practically accessible?

  8. Lol hr probably spawn debra and floyd ped and shot them stupid madcarl

  9. Yeah he moded it so it could look real it didn't even have the glass shatters in the window when he used mods to enter the house and when he went to the door the door just shut right open that's how I think this us fake

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