When APEX LEGENDS PROS Turn on Hack…

These are some of the best clip when pros have godlike aim in apex legends season 7
When Apex Legends PROS Turn on Hack…
When Apex Legends PROS Turn on Cheat…

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  1. I just wanna know were these pros find these novice bot lobbies. My pub matches look like predator lobbies 80% of the time

  2. Youtube comments section is so full of shit these days. There is way too many fake websites. I wasted hours of my life using all kinds of web apps from the comments and not even one worked. I have found a Youtube video regarding this website called Gamecrook. That one worked to my surprise.

  3. I think it’s funny how almost all these players are on PC it’s GOD aim! But when they die to a controller player they blame it on aim assist 😒😒

  4. All these clips literally show why the mastiff needs a nerf or remove from the loot pool. I hate this mastiff shotgun meta

  5. Ngl I prefer watches this videos then playing the game it’s self (sometimes)

  6. They need to bring out games with cheats an hacks available!!! Online gaming is so shit because kids think there good by using hacks 🤮 how about play the game an git gud 🤗

  7. Omg respawn fix ur game there is so many hacker smh and they are pred too

  8. first clip start with rank 1 apex predator that is insane

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