When PROS Make "AGGRESSIVE PLAYS" in Apex Legends…

These are some of the best clip when pros make aggressive & best plays ever in apex legends season 7
When PROS Make AGGRESSIVE Plays in Apex Legends…

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  1. noticed how every one in this clip has a mastiff with a purple shotgun bolt and no scope on it

  2. 9:41 that bloodhound had no recoil look at the controller thing in the corner he dont move the anolog at all?

  3. Me when they didn’t even hit Timmy. Mostly Bc they bad but also Bc he’s good but

  4. Yes finally faide is in one of these he deserves it he’s such a great player and really needs all the hype more then some girl dancing on tik tok

  5. How is he still shield swapping while getting shot at when someone hits me while Im looting I get kicked out of m y inventory 0:30 btw is this a setting or someone could someone explain it to me

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