Who ACTUALLY uses the P2020 in 2020? (Apex Legends)

►the p2020 has been known as one of the meme weapons in Apex Legends. With hammerpoint it’s a bit better – does the year 2020 change things?


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  1. Got my first 2k damage game with a p2020. Also my highest kill game was with a p2020! 12 kills, I was so happy

  2. I use it as a secondary with hammer points. Hits hard. Shred with r99 then p2020. My main combo is usually Flatline G7 tho

  3. P2020 is actually good with a hammerpoint and 2x scope, you can down an enemy fast and far away, good to use before going in their faces

  4. Me: picks up P2020 Now all I need is hammerpoint.


  5. Whenever I find a HP I hold on to it so I can find a P2020 or a Mozambique

  6. For me, when I'm feeling hyper aggressive as my bo up Bloodhound, it's the Peacekeeper and P2020. It's so good 🤤

  7. Kandyrew: Who actually uses P2020 in 2020 Nobody: Not a single soul: Soulja Boy: Youuuuu

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