Why 2020 Will Be The BIGGEST Year For Apex Legends…(Apex Legends PS4)

2020 Will Be The Biggest Year For Apex, here’s why:

2019 was already hugely successful for Apex Legends and going into the new year, I predict that this success will continue. As a result of increased support from EA, a new competitive tournament series as well as even a potential mobile game, the future of Apex Legends is looking bright.

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  1. Happy New Year to everyone! Because of all the recent support I'm gonna be doing a giveaway! Be sure to watch the video to find out how to enter ❤ Btw…PANCAKE 😳

  2. Its the mini mini P.E.K.K.A with one glowing eye. Robotic warrior, horns pointing to the sky, and he just has something to say …

  3. I just hope that mobile will be against mobile players and there will be a season 1 for mobile

  4. Never really liked fortnite only played it because someone else liked it. I did reach level 100 pretty quick though…THen the person i played fortnite with told me about apex and ever since then i fell in love with it, i tried going back to fortnite but man that game is so slow pace. I just like how you can upgrade weapons in apex.

  5. 9:56 bro you’re so toxic for that even tho he still took the loot doesn’t mean you don’t have to revive him like you ruined the whole point of the game

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