Why Bluetooth Earbuds ALWAYS Lag When Gaming, PUBG AptX Latency Test with Sennheiser Momentum TW

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Featuring: Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Earbuds + OPPO R17 Pro

Title: Why Bluetooth Earbuds Lag When Gaming, with PUBG AptX Latency Test

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  1. On IOS there is 0 LAG for PUBGusing the same cheap Xiaomi airdots or any Bluetooth for that matter ? so why is there lag on android ?

  2. hello do you think the latency of the sennheiser tws 1 is lower than that of the huawei freebuds 3 and razer hammerhead tws? which tws earbuds you tested have the best latency for pupg? is aptx LL better than the gaming mode from the razer hammerhead?

  3. if you think 500ms latency is acceptable, you aren't gaming πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Do you know a human's audio response time is shorter than visual response time. You are actually depending on ears to know when you're getting hit, out of ammo, etc.

    And yeah, remove my comment again, go ahead but, that won't change how 'priority on quality' screws audio latency

  4. For those who play PUBG just buy the QCY T5, it offers gaming mode for a wireless earbud and no lag when gaming

  5. Oppo R17 Pro which doesn't have aptX at least for low latency.
    Momentum TWS supports aptX-LL for ultra low latency at ~90ms.
    Why wireless earbuds bad for gaming: your phone uses AAC.
    You sucks at tech. stop doing tech review and explanation.

  6. Now I understand why my Razer Hammehead BT has very low latency because they have Aptx

  7. The little bit of audio lag makes the game unplayable because you can't get the exact direction from where the enemy is shooting while you are moving.

  8. Mi neckband had a very good latency.. I was able to easily recognize the latency in other Bluetooth headphones I checked but with MI neckband it was very different and difficult to identify. It's there but you probably will live with that and you can play pubg with it.

  9. bro, if you think 500 MS of lag in audio is acceptable, you're NOT gaming. If you think YOU can find solution to this problem, try to know about the Handsfree AG Audio mode, available in Windows' audio output drop-down above the volume slider. quality is crap, but latency is low

  10. So weird. I paired a $10 bluetooth earphone with my XS Max and no delays or lags whatsoever (IPIPOO is the brand by the way). So shocking to hear expensive ones have these issues.

  11. my audio is choppy only while im playing games on pc. the audio is up to exact spots but it cuts out so much.

  12. Because android is terribly broken and fragmented by design. Just try a pair of AirPods with an iPhone and your brain will melt due to the amazing and seamless experience that apple offer. However, there’s a hefty premium tax that must be paid in return πŸ˜‚. Disclaimer: it’s not perfect as the price might suggest.

  13. So is that just a android thing with true wireless headphones because on my iphone i use airpods and when i play pubg i dont get this lag at all and when i used my airpods on my galaxy s8 there was no lag i only got lag with galaxy buds

  14. No that's not just a tiny bit of lag. Amazing how you say you aren't bothered with that. You could get killed in an instant if you don't hear enemy footsteps or where the shooting is coming from.

  15. Great video bro. I thought of buying aptx wireless earphone but when i see it still has a delay I guess im gonna go wired.

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