WHY EVERYONE IS CRYING ABOUT SBMM (Skill Based Matchmaking) in Apex Legends

WHY EVERYONE IS CRYING ABOUT SBMM (Skill Based Matchmaking) in Apex Legends. You may have been hearing about or feeling problems with the matchmaker in quickplay recently, and today I’d like to address why this is happening, suggest a fix and talk about those who are just straight up using this as an excuse.


  1. Level 200 getting pitted with 2 level 20s who spend 90% of the match sniffing their arses

  2. Skill based match making is shit and ruins games, Aceu believes this too, is he shit? No. Its just a concept that's been executed poorly by every company that implements it into their games.

  3. my cd is 1.2, max rank was Diamond 4 and achieve it was very hard for me, max kills for 1 game =8 and max dmg is 2500. In 23 games i killed by 20skull4000dmg badge dudes with kd near 5-10. I just can't play in this game because i'm useless versus them, why that system equates me to them? I created 3+ accounts just for play with my friends, they play not good as me and play with them versus predators is not real at all. SBMM is totally broken.

  4. Me a lvl 35 bot who's highest kill game is 7: hello there
    my teammates even more of a bot and lower level:MoZaMbIqUe
    The squad of predators who all have had 20 bombs and level 5 billion: DIE DIE DIE

  5. i just want decent teammates who know when and when not to go in and fight. I literally win more games when i drop solo than when I stay with my team. Plus they're all around level 50. I'm level 300. Seeing it gone would just make my life a whole lot easier because then I'd actually have a chance at winning every 1v3, not just 3rd partying.

  6. so what you are saying here is you want to stomp on other people, but you dont let others stomp on you? fuck off mate. Go back to your sweaty valley and leave the newbies alone.

  7. My problem is just that I'm level 20, a beginner and I want to play with my friend, a level 2,but we get matched with 110s and higher. We can't have fun because we always die. How can you change this?


  9. Idc about what level you are if you're a level 10 and you play just as aggressive as me were Gucci I just hate how I'm getting my cheeks clapped by 3 people while my teammates decide to stop fighting and return to play loot simulator

  10. Fuck that man, let these noobs get slapped until they get better. Us old school players had to go through that.


  12. Ranked and cas are practically the same thing you have to try your hardest and you do it with fandoms and you go up against people that are qued what we need is solos and duos or just take in account for the quing

  13. Its total bs I'm tired of every damn squad being 20 bombs with 4k damage. I cannot relax at all on any game at all. My kd is 1.87 so not really good or bad. But every game is a 3 man predator squad and I cant deal with it. Makes me want to play another game

  14. My K/D is damn 1.09 in season 4 , with 4.5k lifetime kills and 1.10 K/D , and im placed in normal against a dude that has 34k kills on one damn legend. Either ranked or normals for me have made me feel like im food for these lions man , just stupid , only fun i'm having is in Fire Range by myself …

  15. Nothing to do with SBMM. I just get squadded with absolute tards who never stick with the squad, never look at pings and rage quit the second they get downed

  16. Im actually plat 4 and im going to make a chilled round in ranked because normal is full diamond and preds that actually ruins the game for me

  17. Yeah, I'm finding an wxcuse as to why I'm losing every game. It might be because I've been playing for a week, have terrible aim, never played a shooter before in my life, and a fricken top 500 player in the world comes along and LASERS ME ACROSS THE MAP WITH SURGICAL PRECISION WITH A SPITFIRE.

  18. I stopped playing in season 2 and came back last week and after getting some really easy high kill games now I’m getting lobbies with predators and EVERY fight is sweaty as hell.. my KD is 2.40 is there any way to get easier lobbies 😂?

  19. who ever thought about this system should be enjailed and banned from making games for life and everyone who ever met him must also be enjailed and pay a 1billion dollars fine

  20. Mine is soo bad I’m lvl 25 in bronze IV and I’m getting matched with level 300s

  21. You hit the nail on the head. My K/D for the seasons are almost exactly the same. I did improve through all and I was over 2 k/d for the start of season 3 and all of a sudden I die immediately in games, squads just destroy my squad. I actually did start looking at other games and that sucks. I just want to have fun again and not instantly die from the first squad

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