Why Hate Dynamo? PUBG Mobile Hacking Clip Explained!

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Why Hate Dynamo? PUBG Mobile Hacking Clip Explained!
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Dynamo Live Stream Source (hack clip):
Dynamo hate comments:


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  1. Wasn’t expecting this ibe. Biriyani on the house. Much love 💖 Also, I’m figuring out best settings for mobile, & bcz I have long fingers, it’s giving me tough time to get good controls & sensitivity. Mind helping me out here.?

  2. Why u suppirt that noob of emulater,, u should suppirt player lije mortal, scout,and many who play in mobie… Not in emulater

  3. Let me explain you dude it wasn't luck it was exploiting bug, if u remove anti analysing in emulator,u can Abe to see through smokes ,smoke doesn't render but I don't have a answer that how it's visible on stream

  4. It can be that he is a hacker you dont know because he didn't say like omg i hit someone without seeing him

  5. I can’t even call it hacking. Cause I did a shot like this before and I clearly wasn’t hacking. I believe the dude (dynamo) got this shot by luck and skill. I did this exact shot in smoke. I knocked one guy and he ended up dying. But before he died his partner threw a smoke. The partner went to go loot the crate instead (still in smoke). So I did not see exactly where his teammates crate landed but I took an estimate and thus shot the partner who was looting and got em headshot as he was in smoke. Like it isn’t that hard guys. You have to take predictions it’s not hacking it’s luck and logic

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