Why I Hate The Cheats In GTA 5 Story Mode for Ps4

This is why the GTA 5 Cheats in Grand Theft Auto 5 are the worst compared to GTA San Andreas And GTA Vice City.The GTA V Cheats are the worst!

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  1. I have all the PlayStations except the 4 and I'm gonna get that to and I have San Andres for the ps2

  2. Gta IV had a lot of enterable buildings that were all worthless to go into, but it had more realism to it. I watched a video comparing IV and V and IV has way better physics. Still got quickly bored of the game though.

  3. Yeah it sucks. Cheats are like a dying breed now. Whatever happened to the cool variety in cheats now?

  4. Yo did shout me out on your youtube channel cause im trying to grow mines..(also good shit gta san andreas is my fav)

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