Why I'm BACK on Console Apex! – PS4 Apex Legends

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  1. My gosh this guys a pro. When I get 1 kill I’m like YES! NOBODY CAN BEAT ME! 1 min. later I die lol

  2. One of my favorite br’s is warzone. I want to play apex but I’m afraid it’s going to be a complete different experience and a rough learning curve. Does anyone have any tips for a beginner (I have zero experience with apex)

  3. Just came back to your channel after wasting half a year at modern warfare, instantly get the urge to play this game I’ll probably download it straight when I get home 😎

  4. Wow when you said you don’t like the pk I almost got mad but I’m just a god amongst man with the pk

  5. My fav apex channel on here:
    May i ask which settings you use for your controller? Cos youre laaaaaasering 😀

  6. Only just noticed you have a face cam! Hi friends, Respawn really need to buff pathfinder simply by changing voice actors to rich, use code itemp for a 5% discount

  7. To be honest I just come here to listen to Richs voice ❤️ I'm not gay he's just good vibes

  8. do whatever you feel more comfortable doing, I personally really like face cam but you do you brother. Nice vid!

  9. Honestly I like no cam mode better mainly cuz I want to see the whole screen , but if it was like a streaming video camera all the way

  10. Rich, there's nothing wrong with your face, but thats not why i click your vids. NO FACE CAM

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