Why People are SO BAD at Apex Legends. Today I go through the most important reason why you encounter such terrible team mates and enemies in this beautiful Battle Royale game.

It’s not enough to know how to improve at games these days, because we want to understand why people are so useless….especially because we are all guilty of bad habits when we engage in fun battles that end up costing us dearly. Do any of today’s points apply to you?

Also, the link for the Ragtagg noblechairs…


  1. I'm and a recent subscriber and have been watching his videos all day. This guy needs more subs

  2. 4:30 YESs!! My friend is like that he’ll have a shit load of light ammo but would pick up a spitfire then say I’m not ready to fight 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. When it's almost season 5 but ragtag still uses a 2-4x scope on an LMG

  4. I see this is where those random teammates from overwatch went. Y'know the ones that chase after the enemy when the objective is left unguarded except by the healer (usually id volunteer to be healer cause everyone else picked DPS).

  5. The prowess and descriptive genius of this monologue, no no let's say RANT, was explicitly accurate as well as being wholly amusing, sir I applaud you, now go get an XBOX so we can play together (favourite part, managing to fit nut sack into your video) LOL

  6. Because a lot of us have real lives and don’t sit with our eyes glued into the tv like these Virgin Mary’s do. Why do you think these pvp players are so immature and act like little kids or even cry when these pros lose a match? And they think they always get the last saying when they say “ your just not good and need to learn how to play “ as if gaming was a class in school, gaming helps 0% in life all it does is dumb you down. Sure I play games once in a while but my brain is still capable of understanding what is more important in life.

  7. I'm only level 10, I'm being matchmaker with level 200 plus and have 6000 kills somehow

  8. Because apex is a garbage game winning while afk prooves how bad this game is gameplay is good its just the bullshit you can die by kills it

  9. what a joke…guy standing 5 feet in front of me wiggling… me with peacekeeper all attachments… NOT 1 FUCKING HIT in this SHIT GAME!

  10. Players just suck. Playing with randoms is impossible. They all have shit aim and awful game sense. How the hell are these people above Gold.

  11. Apex Legends easily the worst team based fps game I've ever actually played. I would be ashamed to have my name associated with it.

  12. The problem I have with randoms is just that no one takes a second to look up and see what's around people wanna just loot like a senseless crackhead till they fall into a sacrificial slaughter.

  13. I'm trash at this game, like literal fucking garbage and it's really annoying because I know at its core its a great BR but I just cannot do anything for shit

  14. American with Scotland/British roots. Like the videos you put up, watch them whenever you release them. At least you are not a liberal SJW that cries foul because they've been wacked. Like the humor. Shut your fucking mouth!

  15. People don’t stick together, they don’t revive, and they sure as hell don’t give loot to the player who kills. Like i do all of the above and then some. In my opinion its common fucking sense and human decency, but that last term don’t exist in Apex. Also stop killing that separated player YEAH YOU i was gonna execute that P.O.S.

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