Why People WILL QUIT RANKED In Apex Legends

Why People WILL QUIT RANKED In Apex Legends. Today we talk about the problems that will force the competitive players who are only worried about winning games for that elusive chance at Apex Predator, because the mounting issues on play style will allow bad play to get more value, until the consequences catch up.

Are you enjoying the ranked mode in Season 2 of Apex Legends? Let me know below what you’ve got to so far and where you see this mode going for your future in the game.

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  1. ragg tagg please help me i keep trying to play ranked and more often then it should be i only get 2 man squads its not right that we the player get punished for leaving the match but nothing is happening to respawn for not doing there job please address this issue for me thanks. btw you are one of the best!

  2. Yes I get frustrated because I am about to rank up and I get knocked back down because my team can't get the stuff together. I have an aggressive teammate that's in the mix thinking he can knock a skilled team by himself and a passive teammate that's off in the distance

  3. I’m watching this in January of 2020, where all modes are forced SBMM and feel like ranked. I’m a Diamond player approaching Predator (console) and I’m absolutely convinced this game is meant to be played casually. Ranked and or SBMM on a game with RNG is just silly; every single match is sweaty, stressful, and ridiculous because so many facets of the match are random. There is a LOT of luck involved.

  4. I’m in Gold I and I’m just getting complete fucktards every game purposely not trying and just shite either that or I’ll only get 1 other player.

  5. Solo ranked should be a thing, am sick of dying because i have to go save my teamates in every fight!!!and am not even that good! But can't get better when u have dumbasses pushing every team alone and screamin "am down" 10 sec later! I love the game but i would love to play it alone so that i hve myself to blame for losing!

  6. I miss King's Canyon, and only getting 3rd partied. World's Edge, and it's constant 4th, 5th, and even 6th party fights, are outlandish.

  7. I ranked pretty easy to platinum getting 5 ish kills per match not the best player but not the worst …. diamond is another level season 3 as you have diamond and predator level players who are now demoted as season start and struggling also. So tough will just play I ranked now

  8. The penalty on leaving ranked is fucking ridiculous. I left earlier and completely forgot I was in ranked. Lost 48 points and couldn’t play for 15 minutes. What the actual fuck?

  9. Ranked pisses me off. It's designed for the extremely skilled players. I mean… They kill me faster than in the regular leagues, how is that possible? Rigged is what it should be called. How am i supposed to even participate? Also, why tf does it cost rp points to play? Such a pain in the ass

  10. i wish apex had a permanent solo que mode i hate people just leaving solo jumping splitting up stealing and so on

  11. Why I quit ranked:
    1) Stuck in gold hell. Hot heads everywhere thinking they are fantastic resulting in failure and getting their team killed.
    2) takes 5ish minutes to get into a single match.
    3) Everytime I start doing well…Code:net or code:leaf.

  12. I quit playing it after awhile, I got up to Silver and I know I could have got further but the randoms weren't getting better and there was no point in going up further to be campfest

  13. This is late but I feel since ranked has come out non ranked has gone up in difficulty a lot lol get on to kill some casuals and instead get utterly wrecked by a try hard squad with 300 wins per person for season 2 only as well as 10k plus kills for each of their characters it’s all pretty brutal

  14. I'm done with this game. Im sick of grinding and grinding and grinding hours/kills/damage/skins all to just get fucking livid at the end of playing. I'll stick to games that make me happy when I play them.

  15. ranked to gold yesterday, thank fuck for rank protection is all am saying!

  16. I feel like ranked would work well if they had an MMR but they don't so alot of the times if you're a good player you're alot of the time stuck with horrible players if you are playing with randoms as well as people who most likely just got carried to high ranks or they've just played alot and slowly got to mid high ranks. For me every time I play with randoms on ranked alot of them should really still be in like bronze and silver but its so easy to gain points at the beginning they get decently high rankings

  17. i play ranked just to survive and rank up. then play regular once im up to platnum for the free stuff

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