Why So Much Hate? Hacker? | PUBG MOBILE

Sorry Guys..
This is #Inertia
Needed to delay the tutorial Videos 🙂
Will upload soon 🙂
As I was Recieving Too much Hate..
But Also Blessed with love of you guys! 💓
Wanna Contact me?
Instagram – Inertia_xp

Songs used- Stronger Ncs (Remix)
Cadmium,Be with You

Device – Honor Play 4gb Variant (And I don’t Recommend this device at all)
Clan- TeamFriction (#TeamFt)


#BopeDope #EnergyGaming #LegitSharad #GyroOp…


  1. Remembering those comments which you got in my video 🤣
    Ab wo bhi bolenge sir big fan 🤟

  2. A person hates you for 1 of 3 reasons:

    1) They want to be you.

    2) They hate themselves.

    3) They see you as a threat.

  3. If there is good of something people will still say bad.just keep ur performance up..One day u will play pmco

  4. Bro haters are always a motivation for the youtubers who are just on the way to success.. Ignore them just keep in mind that we are always there for you in order to give you help and support.. Lots of love from Kolkata..

  5. I never hated you cuz I knew you are a legit player and a skilled player let those people bark you carry on

  6. Wanted to join your clan can take players below 2kd please I will improve after playing with you please help bro i also want to push my rank and KD but no team 🙁

  7. U really r a noob only 600 average damage?? Even a 5 kd guy will have minimum 700 avg damage😂🤣👌

  8. Kaun bola hacker tum pro ki pro hai Btw can I play with you I want to push rank but no good squad pls play with me bro plss 🤗🤗😭😭😭😘😘😘

  9. Valo lagce….its a Bengali language..do u know the means??
    It means,ur niceee 😊😉..low health clutch was the best part 😋

  10. Hey dude no hate intended but you could totally improve in the movement section cus this game is all about how was you are!
    Try 4 finger claw!! It definitely makes movement way faster and so does gyro always on does
    Scout baba can teach you gyro haha
    You're OP ❤

  11. Dekh bhai ye to mujhe pata nhi ki tu hacker par snipier god to pakka he

  12. Leave them bro they don't know about game and talk like hell "noobs" GOODLUCK

  13. What screen recorder ru using bro and i like your b̷r̷o̷n̷z̷e̷ gameplay 😍😍

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