Win More Gunfights in Apex Legends! (How to Get More Kills & Wins!)

Today I share a ton of great tips and tricks to help you win more gunfights and dominate the enemy in Apex Legends!



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  1. Other tips: Play female characters, they have smaller hit boxes. AND their entire hit-box snaps to the left and right of center when strafing. So you can essentially glitch their entire hit box by strafing left and right quickly. It's the same thing as head glitching in PUBG using the lean key, but it affects the entire hit box, not just the head. This is not true for the large male characters. which is why it's so much easier to hit them. / Also know that all of the weapons have a different ads sensitivity. Even if you set the ads modifier to 1.0 the mouse sensitivity when looking down sights is different for each group of weapons and the various magnifications. Which makes it ten times harder to develop accurate reflexes. / Third partying other teams is the only strategy anyone in APEX uses.

  2. I understand all of the point, but my random team mates don't. to make it worse, they often mute the team and ignore your pinging XD. it makes team play so hard.

  3. I canot believe that I've finally found a web app that is real. Received so many free gems and coins for free from GameCrook.

  4. 6:11 the community complains about this gun being to op while over ace just chucks it out like its nothing😂😂😂

  5. eh problem i have is they see me alot faster instant low hp no time to even fire a shot sometimes feels like they just having aimbot by the insane good aim

  6. What r the most popular locations on King’s canyon so I can get more kills?

  7. Ok but what if you really just want kills but your squad doesn’t play that way…yet you know how to have strategy?

  8. What does he use a mouse or controller and if a controller which one

  9. 5:18 true but just wanna flex that i killed an entire squad who thirsted me so fucking hard that all 3 of them were basically surrounding me with 3 meter gaps. thats all ok bai

  10. What I don't get is why they can kill me in like 2 headshots,but when I kill someone it's takes up my whole clip of ammo or all my ammo and it would be headshots

  11. If i have a main weapon like a r301 why sbould i take a weapon like a wingman or peacekeeper as a finishingweapon, when i can just take a second r301??? I think i didnt get something…

  12. A tip I also want to add is learn when to run away. Knowing when you’re about to lose a fight is extremely useful, and backing down to pop a few shields or reload all of your guns is key. I have seen so many people who stay there and fight despite having no shields, low health, and empty mags, still wanting to kill and thinking they’re a god. You have to take a breath sometimes and tidy yourself before you go in all Rambo.

  13. You cant really agree with alot of his tips because….I know this will be controversial… He has aim assit..which helps him against noob players on pc..and some of then are VERY VERY BASIC TIPS.. LIke keep ur shield cell in the slot…like if u have a body shield u are obviously gonna do that…like such a dumb video..
    Like have a look…6:59 in that gunfight he was missing so many shots and so to say he stole the kill as the other guy got him low becuz u saw him that he had only lower then 20 blue body shield left..and he was missing and THEN BOOM…THE SHOTS WERE HITTING AND SNAPING…so yeah and to top it of..

    The last few tips…are said to be kind of is wise to third party…and dont fire and set a plan…
    But for the first one..with third partying
    ..YOU WILL NEVER IMPROVE.. as u just need to hit couple of shots and he is down…and for next one
    …yeah setting a plan is good and all but really..u will be wasting time making a plan slowly creeping and find out he has a fully upgraded spitfire and mastif and gold body armor so yeah…useless video

  14. Aiming on console is hard

    Me: wipes squad with longbow from insane range

    Me: am i a joke to you

  15. Wish I'd have stuck with apex when it came out. Much better netcode, gameplay, map. Even the time between matches is much smaller, blackout took forever to get into a new lobby. Which is reaaaaaaally annoying, to the point where I'm screaming at the screen "hurry the f**k up!!!!".
    It's really disappointing because I've been a long time fan of cod but blops4 has massively took the piss. I'm not even gonna play modern warfare.

  16. Can anyone explain why I go down after two shots even when I have gold armour, but i can unload an entire clip into an enemy's face with no success? Also, this dude completely misses the shot at 1:04 but still gets the kills. That's why this game is bullshit lol

  17. 5:22 why I love and hate Apex legends when my teammates know vs when they are human embodiments of a flaming bag of dog turds

  18. I suck at apex but I am still trying to be good

    Like if you're switch to fortnite to apex

  19. All I did was just play the game and I just got better. Simple as that. Play the game.

  20. I hate apex. I feel like it’s really boring IMO.
    (Btw I do not have a problem with you playing or making videos on it.) I just don’t like to play it

  21. Always use the shield battery and engage the enemy because thats what gets u good just w-key. U will die a lot but u will be better in the end of the day. Thats how u be a good player. And use pathfinder. Try what I sad one day.

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