Winning the Coil Cyclone in GTA 5 online fast from this weeks GTA Online Weekly Update. This is this weeks free podium car – Coil Cyclone . Try this new method / tutorial / guide / glitch on free car glitch gta 5 online with controller / joystick cam and timer. How to get free car ( Coil Cyclone ) or vehicle and do free car glitch in gta 5 online with joystick cam and a timer. The wheel glitch is easy to do and will get you a free car in the diamond casino dlc. Free car ( Coil Cyclone )…


  1. Roses are red violets are blue you came in the comment section to see if this is true

  2. I got the car first try it was actually the first thing i did in the whole game yes i got it from epic 😀 and no i didnt use a tutorial but still im lucky 😀

  3. I almost won it today jit I got a casino hoodie but it looks fire though 🔥🔥🔥

  4. I thought these methods were fake at first, but i tried out this one and got it first time 👍👍

  5. Why next day i go to casino, at there is no podium car?? because i already win??

  6. i was joking with me freind saying iwould get itand i got itfirsttry, i wish i got the oppreser tho

  7. Guy your telling bullshit u started playing online like a day ago and the first time is spinned the Weel ik got te cyclone u was just lucky man just stfu

  8. You get my praise I am up at 1 am trying to get it and doing this I got it first try ty

  9. i spun the wheel once for my first time ever and won the cyclone car a few hours ago

  10. I'm always landing on the damn tshirt. I landed on the coin before but the system glitched and gave me a tshirt instead.

  11. I am about to lose my shit , I’ve spun the wheel 60 times and I have not gotten the car it’s 1/20 I’m so pissed

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