Winning the new podium vehicle (Declasse Scramjet) in GTA 5 online fast from this weeks GTA Online Weekly Update. This is this weeks free podium car ( Declasse Scramjet) – . Try this new method / tutorial / guide / glitch on free car glitch gta 5 online with controller / joystick cam and timer. How to get free car or vehicle (Declasse Scramjet) and do free car glitch in gta 5 online with joystick cam and a timer. The wheel glitch is easy to do and will get you a free car (Declasse…


  1. I never comment on shit, but I was trying on my own for like 8 hours. Did it first try with this video. Thanks bro

  2. It took me 12 times and guess what

    I didn’t get it , it is because of my death zone ?

  3. I keep landing on the damn $50k I get excited just for it to spin an extra 2 inches every time lmao😭

  4. I got it the first day it came out but it gave me chips and ever since it hasn't laded on it again

  5. it's also important to know that you need a wheel that has not been used before for this to work, meaning that before you spin it the arrow has to be on top of the t-shirt symbol and the car 2 spaces to the left of it, otherwise this will never work which might be why so many are struggling in the comments to get it. if the wheel is not fresh just find a new session until you get one that is. got the car after my 6th try!

  6. You’re a legend my guy. I tried doing this at least 20 times with no luck and then I used your video and I got it right away! Much love you you my guy

  7. This is fake it never works been doing this since Thursday and it hasn’t even come close

  8. Hey guys i have spent almost 5 hours doing this and found an easier way you enter a private lobby go to spin and once it says spin point your joystick all the way up and straight down worked first try

  9. I’ve been doing it ever since it got on the podium
    (Minus my sleep time)
    Anyways I can’t fuckin get it and I’m going insane

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