WINNING A GAME BY HEALING FOR 3 MINUTES – Apex Legends Funny and Epic Moments Ep.4

APEX LEGENDS FUNNY AND EPIC MOMENTSCOMPILATION! This is a video compilation of clips taken from twitch and reddit of Apex legends funny and epic…


  1. They fixed the health drone. It now disappears when it's outside the ring. I know it was a long time ago they did that but I'm just pointing it out.

  2. 9:37 what the other guy said (he's making an impression that's for sure) was fucking hilarious and nobody laughed at it 🙁

  3. How do you win by just healing yourself in a storm? Isn’t there one more squad left to face you

  4. Dude to be honest a bunch of these funny clip channels give no credit at all in the description and your credits are the most detailed I've ever seen, you have like everything covered, good job
    You earned a sub

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