Xbox One X PubG Controller vs M&K

Having a controller or a mouse it really doesn’t make a difference why because the zim does not have its config. Its honestly better to use a controller but the thing is after a month or 2 playing PC I liked the M&K better. But the thing is all my friends have always had a console & not everyone can afford a pc.. Which is why I bought the zim because I liked the way the m&k felt.


  1. Lol I KNEW that guy in the car was going to hit him. I'm like don't get off the bike keep going!

  2. Im building a PC for modern gaming and I've played some of the other royale games. Do you have to look down to pick up weapons? I would guess it would be better to walk over items while looking horizontal to stay alert.

  3. Crazy because last game I had some one did vanish madness there so many hackers on pubg using nodemcu chips 8266v witch dude look it up

  4. Whats up bro , getting an xbox one x , what type of monitor do you recommend 4k ? Or 144hz ?

  5. I don’t know how you can say it’s the same !!! Look at how slow you killed them over how you normally do.. you normally kill them like a laser beam but using the mouse you took more shots and missed more.

    Don’t say it because you don’t believe it your self ps it’s ok to use mouse and keyboard but remember people will always say your cheating as it’s easier to control with a mouse…….

  6. Its fake its controller gameplay… this is just disgusting

  7. You know maybe using M&K on Xbox has an advantage 😂… But I'm still gonna use it because my computer can't run pubg so this is the next best inexpensive thing to do lol, video was great thanks for making it. Also keep up the spreading of the Word of God, if your doing it right then you will always have people who deny it, "persecute you", and call you names for it because most people cannot except the truth. Don't lose faith when this happens because it wil,l and you just gained another subscriber because this is all around great content. Nice to see other people out there saved through Jesus because after all he is the only way to eternal life, No man cometh unto the father but by him

  8. Idk how these low skill players get big subs i could fucking kill everyone with my eyes closed specially with mand k super op imma start my youtube channel and go pro fuck shitty casual players who earn money by sucking ass

  9. Call it what you want and say whatever helps you sleep at night. The fact is using a mouse and keyboard on x-box pubg is cheating until it is actually supported by Microsoft and Xbox. No more legit than aim bot on PC…

  10. Maybe it's because only 2 of those people in your selected video's were even shooting back at you. And you're not that good at M&K

  11. Mouse and keyboard players should have their own lobby like tpp and fpp

  12. controller just got way easier with the new controller bind settings in the latest update

  13. Can we stop and take a moment to appreciate the fact that you jumped over the guy on the bike.. It was slow motion hahahaha.

  14. So having an xim4 won't gave you an advantage? Because I'm think to buying it?

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