Xbox One's Kinect Not Required; Xbox One Controllers and GTA 5 on PC? – IGN Daily Fix 08.13.13

Xbox One’s Kinect Not Required; Xbox One Controllers and GTA 5 on PC? & Blizzards “Dark Below”!!


  1. Lol, if that was true at all dude, then places like xbox one tour and that bf4 showdown live would have had kinect, in which they didn't, and yet xbox one still worked. Your point is invalid, so plz stfu.

  2. There's a huge difference between whining, (wine is something you drink), about things that aren't going to change and holding a corporate entity accountable for their actions with hope of improving the product that is still in a state of flux.
    Maybe we don't want to hear you piss & moan about other posters lodging legitimate issues with the next gen console.

  3. look if you don't like what Microsoft is doing then just switch over to PC and if your not happy with PC then just stop playing video games. look i wasn't happy with Microsoft either so I'm switching to PC so i can upgrade when i want and how i want and if you don't want that and you still want to pay for things you wont use then so be it we don't want to hear you wine about what Microsoft is doing wrong.

  4. That's not at all true. That's like saying that if I wrote an android app on my pc I should be able to run it on any pc. PC games use completely different drivers than the ones found on games consoles, it takes time to get any software to run smoothly across platforms games included.

  5. You know I'd get an xbox one if I can save $100 on buying it without kinect. when microsoft decied to do that than I'll get a xbox one

  6. lmao, u cant turn off the Kinect but u cant disconnect it, disconnecting it will stop the console from working, ummm, whats the point & yes they are not confirming GTAV for anything else cos they want high sales on the current platforms, they think they are so smart ¬_¬

  7. I'm not trying to ream on you personally but to tolerate what MS did & just roll over because they put away the rolled up newspaper & offer a tummy rub is just being gullible.

  8. "doing something about it"??? That's like coming back from the bathroom, catching your date dropping roofies in your beer & just letting it slide because they offer to replace it with a fresh drink.
    The violated trust issue is HUGE here. MicroSHAFT "reserves the right" to make changes in XBox Live policies anytime the mood strikes so there's no guarantee those restrictions are gone for good.

  9. Forgive & forget & that's just it? Seriously?
    Microshaft set out to screw the gamer and the gaming market as well. ONLY when they saw shitty preorder numbers did they start to backpeddle, only when they were losing their ass. They didn't "listen to the fans" they listened to their lack of sales. If the masses had tolerated it we'd all be getting it up the ass.

  10. "Completely turned off in "Settings". Which makes it still 100% remotely accessible. As long as there's a hardline connection & the OFF switch is in the software it's still wide open for exploit.

  11. Oh, and let's be perfectly clear on one point. Microsoft didn't remove "features" people hated. Every so called "feature" was either a restriction or something we get with local offline, disk based gaming anyway.
    The XBone unveiling was nothing less than a caramel coated turd. I'm still not taking a bite.
    If they release a less expensive, 100% Kinect free version I might consider it. Otherwise… NO SALE.

  12. Actually no we don't want "more, more, more…". We don't want more TV, we don't want more sports, we don't want an additional breakdown component & service between us & our internet or our cable service, we don't want 3 of 8 gigs of system resource wasted on tv/web surfing and we especially don't want to pay an extra $100 for a useless novelty spybox Kinect under our roofs.
    Kinect sucks, no one wants it so they need to quit trying to force us to buy the piece of shit.

  13. Well when you're paying for it, of course you want more for your money. And the fact that you were "up in arms" over a console shows that you're a complete fanboy.

  14. It doesn't matter the hardware of what it is going to, if the game is made on a PC, there shouldn't be a requirement to 'port' it over.

  15. well last time it was becuase the xbox 360/ps3 use different architecture but now with the X1 and PS4 the port will be as easy ad remapping the keys/buttons

  16. Why do they need to 'port' the game over? It was made on a PC you fucking idiots.

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