xd gives you fortnite aimbot 2

I felt like it had to be done, another version of xd gives you aimbot in fortnite.

If you would like to purchase the cinematic pack by alien:

music by Shotgun Willy

creator code: xd-comikazie

social medias – @comikazie


  1. lol we hated planes but they were better than mechs now if they brought planes back but they good just do damage we would love them or if the vault the mech

  2. Hey @comikaze can you answer this question? How do you clip your stuff?

  3. Aye sib to my channel i just made montage yo comikaze im the next best console sniper/builder

  4. Just payed for the cinematics pack But didnt Get anything😭😭

  5. Bro I’ve been watching many fortnite snipers on YT but I’ve never seen such a good sniper and montage maker like u…… good stuff bro ur insane

  6. I was scared, and my pants were slipping, and when I stood up to pull them up, my pants fell down. Mom! I’m not joking!

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