XIM APEX – Apex Legends 23 Kill Bomb 3.2k Damage with Lifeline by Svendemen_98 (PS4)

For more Apex Legends gameplay from Svendemen_98 check out his Youtube and Twitch channel!
Link to the XIM Settings:
Link to the Youtube channel:
Link to the Twitch channel:

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  1. Anyway you could make an up to date Xim settings for season 4?

  2. Can i see your settings. Coz mine sucks i dont know how to set it up . I see u dont have recoil

  3. Nice video mate! Well done! I got 3100 damage with 14 kills on a video I posted blood is crazy he’s my favourite reminds me of predator

  4. I need another player😎👍🏾
    Send me your
    Gamer tag
    You might be in my next video!!!

  5. Would still love to see a mcc video. Xim was invented for halo after all. It only seems like the right thing to do

  6. The response time for the xim on this game is terrible, can't play it with such a bad delay.

  7. I have the g303 mouse now since On the xim I use a high dpi (3200) should my mousepad be more like the g640surface or more like the MM300 by Corsair? Which would work better with the sensor?

  8. Hey i have a question , you think Mouse On Widow ( that's the name of his YouTube channel) use mnk? Because that's technically impossible to have the same aim than him with a controller ( and yeah he said '' i use controller '' every time soo) thx you if you check his channel for tell me

  9. Lmao this lobby had to be the worst iv ever seen, solo que luck of the draw. You never even got really pressured, im mind blown.

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