YIKES.. Epic Just BANNED 4 Famous Pros from Fortnite..

YIKES.. Epic Just BANNED 4 Famous Pros from Fortnite..


Epic just banned four famous pro players for cheating in the FNCS tournament. Do you think the ban was deserved or did Epic move too fast in punishing the players? Check out what pros like Clix, Benjyfishy, Bizzle, and MORE had to say!

Epic Hid This From Us!

Epic Cancelling…


  1. jarvis uses aimbot for content not a tourny and gets lifetime ban they cheat in cash cup 60 days bro this is rise xxif all over again

  2. if you don’t pick me i will tell ur mom u used her credit card to buy people the battle pass

  3. Storm Surge Actually Depends On The Amount Of People Alive And Doesn’t disappear Until A Certan amount Of People Are Alive.

    But Definitely This Is Cheating

  4. All they gotta say is “we didn’t intend to do this before the games began, it just so happens that shooting each other to avoid surge was mutually beneficial”

  5. If there wasn’t any agreement and they just took shots at each other without pushing for the actual elim, then it’s not cheating. That said, the voice chat makes it look like there was an agreement in which case it would be teaming.

  6. I’m here for the giveaway watched you for ages I’ve never won a giveaway and I don’t think I’ll ever win

  7. I love how you actually asked if you could use lazarbeam face god job showing respect

  8. It’s definitely cheating since people who are hardcore placement guys are forced to play out of their comfort zone, and these guys are just bypassing all of it

  9. low key these guys should get banned jarvis got banned in pub game i like the game but like the game is trash

  10. Perma ban cheaters, pros knoww they can cheat and get away with it, they get a 2wweek 30-60 day ban and can play comp again, Epic just letting everyone know you can cheat and you wont be perma banned, Epic needs to set an example

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