ZOMBIE INFECTION MODE in PUBG Mobile! | New Update 0.14.0 (New Game Mode, Missions, Controls)

“PUBG Mobile NEW UPDATE 14.0 Game Mode ZOMBIE INFECTION! PUBG Mobile Zombie King + Vanquisher Gameplay and Zombie Mode Tips! PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile iOS Android New BETA 2019 Update Infection Game Mode – PUBGM Infection Pro Gameplay”


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Hi everyone! ExxotikGaming here back with a very special new PUBG Mobile video! There is a PUBG Mobile new update 14.0…


  1. Hey if you want to download this beta early (I know it’s about to be released globally) and can’t wait till the official release, check the description! For iOS users, download an app from the App Store called TestFlight, then click “iOS Download”. For Android users, just click the button, and you’re good! 😁

  2. when i play this on tencent gaming buddy when i become zombie ! jump button is not working when i press space bar

  3. First I get a pubg update notifications I look at it I see that now I can become a zombie I updated it and played it ,it was amazing and then your video notifications come in and I looked it was the pubg newupdate only this update is best

  4. You don’t know how you killed a zombie well you shot a bullet at a low health zombie and before you played you would search up how to play it

  5. This all was available through the apk update a week ago. Bunch of vids. How is this exclusive when you posted it the night it was publicly released. Also you missed a ton of stuff.

  6. Ok so I know this is his first round playing infection mode but at some point in the game every defender that didn’t turn into zombies, turn into a vanquisher or those guys with the red hoodies, oh and those green symbols that pop up are boosters that boosts ur health up all the way

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